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By Simon Kavanagh, Jan 24 2015 11:52AM

I posted a while back about SEO AKA Search Engine Optimisation...why? After consulting clients and friends on how they search for a garden contractor it appeared word of mouth and searching via Google are the 2 most likely options that people use. Word of mouth is fine and a great motivation for doing a quality job on time and in budget.

Getting up the Google ratings appeared far less straightforward and the further I delved into the dark arts of SEO the harder it appeared. Snake oil. So what did I do? I spoke to a few 'experts' who suggested i part with £250/month to get up the Google ratings...hmmmmm. I wasn't so sure about that!

In the end I read up on the subject, did a 'Woorank' analysis of my website and began implementing a few changes in an effort to make this website more visible. At first not much seemed to happen until I sat down yesterday and Googled 'garden services Enfield' and found my site is now the 2nd non-sponsored site to be returned! I'm learning!

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