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Adventures in Greenspace!

Green Bridge

By Simon Kavanagh, Dec 17 2014 11:18AM

When is a green bridge not a green bridge? Following some casual reading up on the green roof and wall technology we stumbled upon the green bridge across the Thames. An interesting idea and we will definitely go and have a look for ourselves. On the face of it it might be nicely planted and pretty but the broader question is is it sustainable? How is it watered, how is it maintained? It's splitting opinion across the board...Here's a link for the project

Dec 17 2014 04:53PM by Phil

Reminds me of the old raised railway line in west Manhattan which has been brought back to life as a public footpath and "park in the sky". If this goes ahead, I reckon it would be a big tourist draw.

Maintenance? It would have to be sponsored or something, wouldn't it? Or are they going to make it part of the Royal Parks?

Dec 17 2014 05:39PM by Simon Kavanagh

I want to know how many litres of water a day and from what source? Could be an eco nightmare. Are Londoners footing the bill? Given the size of my council tax bill you'd hope not! I am sure it'd be a big attraction however. Mixed feelings but I anticipate planting issues and many teething troubles...

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