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When Mitch and Betty moved into their new home they were confronted with a few challenges.  A new extension to the rear of the property meant that there was a major step down from the French windows to the garden. Not only that but the site sloped approximately 2 ft from right to left.  Added to that any new works would require some adjustment to the external drains.


The solution? Greenspace produced a design scheme to level the garden by constructing retaining walls to support a large patio to the rear of the property and raised the drains to enable maintenance.  Adjacent to the patio we constructed two large raised flower beds which now provide easiy to maintain growing areas.  We also created a smaller patio in another area of the garden to accomodate a bistro set so that the Mitch and Betty could follow the sun during the course of the day.


Patio and raised beds

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Retaing wall and raising the drains on a sloping site

Phase 1 - the ground works and raising the drain...

Site levelled and patio in place

Phase 2 - Patio complete and site level...

Raised beds and patio

Phase 3 - Raised beds constructed...

Planting in raised beds

Phase 4 - Planting complete ...

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