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Customers often pay a considerable amount of money for a gleaming new decking area but find that after a year or two it is looking a little tired, covered in mould, and can resemble a green slimy ice rink in winter.  Many times we have heard how clientshave fallen and hurt themselves on what can rapidly become a greasy surface.


Greenspace offers a deck-care service to ensure your asset is looked after and fit for use all-year-round.  We offer pressure washing service to elongate the life-span of the deck by preventing mould which will, in time, degrade the quality of your deck.  Below is one such project where we brought a precious area back to life and treated it with a deck stain - one satisfied customer and one fit-for-purpose deck!



Pressure Washing & Renovations

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Decking area before treatment

The 'new' deck area...

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Large decking area prior to pressure washing and staining.
Garden decking after pressure washing and stain
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