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A garden flat in Stoke Newington was owned by a housing association for a number of years, which meant the garden had fallen into a state of disrepair.  On the first visit to the garden we couldnt even get down it due to the number of nettles, brambles and we immediately spotted an infestation of bindweed!


The flat had been purchased by a property developer looking for a fast turn around and we quickly identified how he wanted the space to look and feel and importantly identified a budget, which would inform much of the project.  We produced a detailed plan, cleared the site of weeds and a vast amount of rubbish and set about the process of leveling it out - no mean feat.  We designed in mediteranean-style raised beds, a deck area to the rear of the property and a simple lawn which could act as a blank canvass for the prospective new owner.  Neat, simple and quick...


Rear Gardens

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Garden designed, turfed, new fencing and raised bed constructed
Garden clearance services

The site mid-clearance...

The finished garden...

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